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Do products like 'Hiko'....or 'YOKO'....height increaser devices actually work??..if yes,how much??

Its a Height increasing sole,which works (supposed to work).....when put inside ur shoes. and walk for 15-20 min.....does it actually work??...have u tried it??.....if it does many inches it increases???........

Do products like %26#039;Hiko%26#039;....or %26#039;YOKO%26#039;....height increaser devices actually work??..if yes,how much??
I used it a few times and to be honest, i wouldn%26#039;t waste my money on it. I only grew like a few cm, it didn%26#039;t make much of a difference. I advise you to drink more milk, exercise, get good sleep and don%26#039;t stress and you will be fine. By the way alwayshave a sufficient Breakfast - it really helps!


Height prediction?

I%26#039;m a female, 15, and currently 5%26#039;3. I am an inch taller than my mom, and my dad is 5%26#039;6. However, my mom%26#039;s entire famiy is really tall, and my dad%26#039;s side have very late growth spurts. He was 5%26#039; in high school, and he had a growth spurt in college. I%26#039;ve been told my wrist bone plates haven%26#039;t closed yet, so this is helpful. Since last month, I%26#039;ve noticed a 2 cm increase in height. Also, my shoe size is 1 size smaller than my mom%26#039;s but I am taller than her. Someone told me having bigger feet means you%26#039;re going to be taller. However, my feet size is smaller than the females in my family%26#039;s. I think I%26#039;ll increase in show size and height. Can anyone help me with a height estimate? Also, height predictors are very varied; the usual one said I was going to be 5%26#039;1.5. Another said I was going to be 5%26#039;5, and one based on my grandparents said 5%26#039;5.25. My dad says I%26#039;ll be 165 cm-168 cm.However,he says I won%26#039;t reach my full height until I%26#039;m 17.

Height prediction?
let nature do its work. don%26#039;t rush it. i don%26#039;t think that there is a great way to predict height, that is why there is so much variation. just go with the flow. don%26#039;t stress out over it, and don%26#039;t get preoccupied by it. you are who you are. if you stay 5%26#039;3%26quot; or if you grow another foot, you will still be the same person on the inside.
Reply:I don%26#039;t know how to predict height, but at your age you probably have the advantage of reaching your genetically available maximum height by eating a nutritious diet.
Reply:There is one way to predict height that%26#039;s fairly accurate.

Take your height at age 2 and double it.

So, ask your mom if she recorded or remembers how tall you were at age 2 (maybe check old growth charts from your doctor?)


Should a shorter guy wear lifts?

I%26#039;m 18 %26amp; around 5%26#039;7%26quot; tall.

Wuld wearing height increase shoes be beneficial? I assume that it makes the short guy appear more insecure about his height, what do you think?

Also, imagine if the shoes made me like 5%26#039;10 and then when i take em off im 3 inches shorter! Wouldnt go down well...

Is that extra height good ya think?

Should a shorter guy wear lifts?
Tom Cruise wears %26#039;em- why can%26#039;t you?! Girls wear make-up, padded bras, and hair extensions so you can get away with lifts.
Reply:im 25 and 5%26#039; 6%26quot; and i%26#039;ve never had any problems with height.
Reply:I guess it wouldnt be any different that a woman wearing a wonderbra. Its kind of like false advertisement, But if you think it will work, give it a shot.

Where do you even get shoes that make you taller?
Reply:No, it shows you have a problem with your height

confidence is the most sexy thing a man can have, no matter height/weight/looks


Does an increase in shoe size mean an increase in height?

I am nearly 18 years old and 5%26#039;10. I thought I had stopped growing but just in the last week i have gone from a size 10 shoe to size 11 shoes. Does this mean I will have another growth spurt?

Does an increase in shoe size mean an increase in height?
No it does not. At 18, you still have the possibility of growing taller. Retired NBA player David Robinson was 6%26#039;6 at 18. By the time he was 22, he was 7%26#039;0 tall. You may very well have some growing to do.
Reply:no you might gte bigger feet but i dought youll grow loads more xxx


How to grow taller?

I want to look taller, what is the best way for me to do this? buy height increasing shoes?

How to grow taller?
the best way to look taller is to wear elevator shoes like the shoes that the French president wears , try wearing t-shirts with vertical strips that will also give the illusion of looking thiner

try for the elevator shoes


Can I grow 2 inches?

I am 16 1/2 and 5%26#039;10%26#039;%26#039; without shoes, and I really want to grow taller for football. How can I grow taller. Do these height increasing shoe soles really work or is there a different way I can grow taller within the next 2 years? Please answer!!

Can I grow 2 inches?
You will probably grow another 2 inches in the next 2 years to peak at 6%26#039;0.
Reply:Essentially your going to grow until the gaps between your bones (epiphyseal plates) that are currently full of cartilage convert over to bone.

I%26#039;ve heard of some treatments using bone lengthening with metal rods, i%26#039;ve also heard that those are expensive and extremely painful.

In general they a hand x-ray will allow a physician to estimate the amount of growing time you%26#039;ve got left. As for height increasing shoes, in my opinion they sound like snake oil.
Reply:You might grow taller, but you may have reached your max. Height is based on a lot of factors, genetics being a big one, but so is proper nutrition. So you may have a chance if you eat a healty and balanced diet. If that doesn%26#039;t work, you could work on your strength and speed for football.

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What footwear is available to add height for men?

I am 5%26#039;8%26quot; and want to increase my height. What shoes, boots, or other things out there that can add the most height. I%26#039;d love to be 6%26#039;0%26quot;...and yes I am well past my growing years.

Please no lectures on self esteem. Thanks.

What footwear is available to add height for men?
I know the feeling of being %26quot;vertically challenged.%26quot; Thick chunky platform shoes and boots do the trick for me, but the look isn%26#039;t for everyone. There are platform boots with 4%26quot; heels that would get you to 6%26#039;0%26quot;; with a 2%26quot; platform, they are still easy to walk in. Some cowboy boots have about 2%26quot; heels. Another person mentioned %26quot;elevator%26quot; type shoes; they look normal on the outside, but have insoles that add up to 3-4 inches inside, basically a camouflaged high heel shoe. You could also wear actual high heel shoes or boots, but that takes more guts than I have. I%26#039;ve seen guys who do it, and they tend to wear squared heels, and hide them under boot cut pants.
Reply:High heels are mostly the way to go, find some that you like whether they are stilletos or pumps or etc whatever you like to wear and is most comfortable.
Reply:Boots with a thick sole are your best bet... (zappos link)

If you%26#039;re really serious, you could invest in specially made shoes to increase your height (increasingshoes link)

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